Chapter86A. Barbers.  

§ 86A-1. Necessity for certificate of registration and shop or school permit
§ 86A-2. What constitutes practice of barbering
§ 86A-3. Qualifications for certificate as a registered barber
§ 86A-4. State Board of Barber Examiners; appointment and qualifications; term of office; removal
§ 86A-5. Powers and duties of the Board
§ 86A-6. Office; seal; officers and executive director; funds
§ 86A-7. Salary and expenses; employees; audits; annual reports to the Governor
§ 86A-8. Application for examinations; payment of fee
§ 86A-9. Board to conduct examinations not less than four times each year
§ 86A-10. Issuance of certificates of registration
§ 86A-11. Temporary permits
§ 86A-12. Applicants licensed in other states
§ 86A-13. Barbershop and barber school permits
§ 86A-14. Persons exempt from the provisions of this Chapter
§ 86A-15. Sanitary rules and regulations; inspections
§ 86A-16. Certificates to be displayed
§ 86A-17. Renewal or restoration of certificate
§ 86A-18. Disqualifications for certificate
§ 86A-19. Refusal, revocation or suspension of certificates or permits
§ 86A-20. Misdemeanors
§ 86A-20.1. Enjoining illegal practices
§ 86A-21. Board to keep record of proceedings; data on registrants
§ 86A-22. Licensing and regulating barber schools and colleges
§ 86A-23. Instructors
§ 86A-24. Apprenticeship
§ 86A-25. Fees collectible by Board
§ 86A-26. Barbering among members of same family
§ 86A-27. Civil penalties; disciplinary costs