Chapter95. Department of Labor and Labor Regulations.  

Article 1. Department of Labor
Article 2. Maximum Working Hours
Article 2A. Wage and Hour Act
Article 3. Various Regulations
Article 4. Conciliation Service and Mediation of Labor Disputes
Article 4A. Voluntary Arbitration of Labor Disputes
Article 5. Regulation of Employment Agencies
Article 5A. Regulation of Private Personnel Services
Article 5B. Regulation of Job Listing Services
Article 6. Separate Toilets for Sexes
Article 7A. Uniform Boiler and Pressure Vessel Act
Article 7B. Historical Boilers
Article 8. Bureau of Labor for the Deaf
Article 9. Earnings of Employees in Interstate Commerce
Article 10. Declaration of Policy as to Labor Organizations
Article 11. Minimum Wage Act
Article 12. Units of Government and Labor Unions, Trade Unions, and Labor Organizations, and Public Employee Strikes
Article 13. Payments to or for Benefit of Labor Organizations
Article 14. Inspection Service Fees
Article 14A. Elevator Safety Act of North Carolina
Article 14B. Amusement Device Safety Act of North Carolina
Article 15. Passenger Tramway Safety
Article 16. Occupational Safety and Health Act of North Carolina
Article 17. The Uniform Wage Payment Law of North Carolina
Article 18. Identification of Toxic or Hazardous Substances
Article 19. Migrant Housing Act of North Carolina
Article 19A. Overhead High-Voltage Line Safety Act
Article 20. Controlled Substance Examination Regulation
Article 21. Retaliatory Employment Discrimination
Article 22. Safety and Health Programs and Committees
Article 23. Workplace Violence Prevention