Chapter90. Medicine and Allied Occupations.  

Article 1. Practice of Medicine
Article 1A. Treatment of Minors
Article 1B. Medical Malpractice Actions
Article 1C. Physicians and Hospital Reports
Article 1D. Peer Review
Article 1E. Certificate of Public Advantage
Article 1F. Psychotherapy Patient/Client Sexual Exploitation Act
Article 1G. Health Care Liability
Article 1H. Voluntary Arbitration of Negligent Health Care Claims
Article 1I. Woman's Right to Know Act
Article 1J. Voluntary Health Care Services Act
Article 1K. Certain Abortions Prohibited
Article 2. Dentistry
Article 2A. Dental Peer Review Protection Act
Article 3. The Licensing of Mouth Hygienists to Teach and Practice Mouth Hygiene in Public Institutions
Article 4. Pharmacy
Article 4A. North Carolina Pharmacy Practice Act
Article 4B. Pharmacy Quality Assurance Protection Act
Article 4C. Pharmacy Audit Rights
Article 5. North Carolina Controlled Substances Act
Article 5A. North Carolina Toxic Vapors Act
Article 5B. Drug Paraphernalia
Article 5C. North Carolina Substance Abuse Professional Practice Act
Article 5D. Control of Methamphetamine Precursors
Article 5E. North Carolina Controlled Substances Reporting System Act
Article 5F. Control of Potential Drug Paraphernalia Products
Article 5G. Epilepsy Alternative Treatment Act
Article 6. Optometry
Article 6A. Optometry Peer Review
Article 7. Osteopathy
Article 8. Chiropractic
Article 9. Nurse Practice Act
Article 9B. Information and Financial Assistance for Nursing Students and Inactive Nurses
Article 9C. Nurses Aides Registry Act
Article 9D. Nursing Scholars Program
Article 9E. Need-Based Nursing Scholarships
Article 9F. North Carolina Center for Nursing
Article 9G. Nurse Licensure Compact
Article 9H. Graduate Nurse Scholarship Program for Faculty Production
Article 10. Midwives
Article 10A. Practice of Midwifery
Article 11. Veterinarians
Article 12A. Podiatrists
Article 13. Embalmers and Funeral Directors
Article 13A. Practice of Funeral Service
Article 13B. Funeral and Burial Trust Funds
Article 13C. Cremations
Article 13D. Preneed Funeral Funds
Article 13E. Mutual Burial Associations
Article 13F. Cremations
Article 14. Cadavers for Medical Schools
Article 14A. Bequest of Body or Part Thereof
Article 14B. Disposition of Unclaimed Bodies
Article 14C. Final Disposition or Transportation of Deceased Migrant Farm Workers and Their Dependents
Article 15. Autopsies
Article 15A. Uniform Anatomical Gift Act
Article 15B. Blood Banks
Article 16. Dental Hygiene Act
Article 17. Dispensing Opticians
Article 18. Physical Therapy
Article 18A. Psychology Practice Act
Article 18B. Physical Therapy
Article 18C. Marriage and Family Therapy Licensure
Article 18D. Occupational Therapy
Article 19. Sterilization Operations
Article 20. Nursing Home Administrator Act
Article 20A. Assisted Living Administrator Act
Article 21. Determination of Need for Medical Care Facilities
Article 22. Licensure Act for Speech and Language Pathologists and Audiologists
Article 23. Right to Natural Death; Brain Death
Article 24. Licensed Professional Counselors Act
Article 25. Dietetics/Nutrition
Article 26. Fee-Based Practicing Pastoral Counselors
Article 27. Referral Fees and Payment for Certain Solicitations Prohibited
Article 28. Self-Referrals by Health Care Providers
Article 29. Medical Records
Article 29A. North Carolina Health Information Exchange Act
Article 30. Practice of Acupuncture
Article 31. Institute of Medicine
Article 32. Employee Assistance Professionals
Article 33. Industrial Hygiene
Article 34. Athletic Trainers
Article 35. Accident-Trauma Victim Identification
Article 36. Massage and Bodywork Therapy Practice
Article 37. Health Care Practitioner Identification
Article 38. Respiratory Care Practice Act
Article 39. Safety Profession
Article 40. Perfusionist Licensure Act
Article 41. Pathology Services Billing
Article 42. Polysomnography Practice Act