Chapter89C. Engineering and Land Surveying.  

§ 89C-1. Short title
§ 89C-2. Declarations; prohibitions
§ 89C-3. Definitions
§ 89C-4. State Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors; appointment; terms
§ 89C-5. Board members; qualifications
§ 89C-6. Compensation and expenses of Board members
§ 89C-7. Vacancies; removal of member
§ 89C-8. Organization of the Board; meetings; election of officers
§ 89C-9. Executive director; duties and liabilities
§ 89C-10. Board powers
§ 89C-11. Secretary; duties and liabilities; expenditures
§ 89C-12. Records and reports of Board; evidence
§ 89C-13. General requirements for licensure
§ 89C-14. Application for licensure; license fees
§ 89C-15. Examinations
§ 89C-16. Certificates of licensure; effect; seals
§ 89C-17. Expirations and renewals of certificates
§ 89C-18. Duplicate certificates
§ 89C-18.1. Licensing of nonresidents
§ 89C-19. Public works; requirements where public safety involved
§ 89C-19.1. Engineer who volunteers during an emergency or disaster; qualified immunity
§ 89C-20. Rules of professional conduct
§ 89C-21. Disciplinary action - Reexamination, revocation, suspension, reprimand, or civil penalty
§ 89C-22. Disciplinary action - Charges; procedure
§ 89C-23. Unlawful to practice engineering or land surveying without licensure; unlawful use of title or terms; penalties; Attorney General to be legal adviser
§ 89C-24. Licensure of corporations and business firms that engage in the practice of engineering or land surveying
§ 89C-25. Limitations on application of Chapter
§ 89C-25.1. Supervision of unlicensed individuals by licensed person
§ 89C-25.2. Program of licensure by discipline
§ 89C-26. Repealed by Session Laws 1997-309, s. 10
§ 89C-27. Invalid sections; severability
§ 89C-28. Existing licensure not affected