Chapter66. Commerce and Business.  

Article 1. Regulation and Inspection
Article 2. Manufacture and Sale of Matches and Lighters
Article 3. Candy and Similar Products
Article 4. Electrical Materials, Devices, Appliances and Equipment
Article 4A. Safety Features of Hot Water Heaters
Article 4B. Safety Features of Trailers
Article 5. Sale of Phonograph Records or Electrical Transcriptions
Article 6. Sale of Nursery Stock
Article 7. Tagging Secondhand Watches
Article 8. Public Warehouses
Article 9. Collection of Accounts
Article 9A. Private Detectives
Article 9B. Motor Clubs and Associations
Article 9C. Collection Agencies
Article 10. Fair Trade
Article 10A. Inventions Developed by Employee
Article 11. Government in Business
Article 11A. Electronic Commerce in Government
Article 11B. Electronic Access to State Services
Article 12. Coupons for Products of Photography
Article 13. Miscellaneous Provisions
Article 14. Business under Assumed Name Regulated
Article 15. Person Trading as "Company" or "Agent."
Article 16. Unfair Trade Practices in Diamond Industry
Article 17. Closing-Out Sales
Article 18. Labeling of Household Cleaners
Article 19. Business Opportunity Sales
Article 20. Loan Brokers
Article 21. Prepaid Entertainment Contracts
Article 22. Discount Buying Clubs
Article 23. Rental Referral Agencies
Article 24. Trade Secrets Protection Act
Article 25. Regulation of Precious Metal Businesses
Article 26. Farm Machinery Agreements
Article 27. Sales Representative Commissions
Article 28. Rental Car Advertising and Sales Practices
Article 29. Invention Development Services
Article 30. Credit Repair Services Act
Article 31. Membership Camping Act
Article 32. Peddlers, Itinerant Merchants, and Specialty Markets
Article 33. Telephonic Seller Registration and Bond Requirement
Article 34. Certificates of Authentication
Article 35. Agreements Between North Carolina and Foreign Governments
Article 36. Truthful Advertisements of Costs of Servicing or Repairing Private Passenger Vehicles
Article 37. Tobacco Reserve Fund and Escrow Compliance
Article 38. Year 2000 Liability and Damages (Expired December 31, 2004)
Article 39. Self-Service Storage Rental Contracts
Article 40. Uniform Electronic Transactions Act
Article 41. Manufacturing Redevelopment Districts
Article 42. State Franchise for Cable Television Service
Article 43. Service Agreements
Article 44. Free Insurance
Article 45. Pawnbrokers, Metal Dealers, and Scrap Dealers
Article 46. Guaranteed Asset Protection Waivers