Chapter143. State Departments, Institutions, and Commissions  

Article 1. Executive Budget Act
Article 1A. Periodic Review of Certain State Agencies
Article 1.2. Legislative Committee on Agency Review
Article 1B. Capital Improvement Planning Act
Article 2. State Personnel Department
Article 2A. Incentive Award Program for State Employees
Article 2B. Notice of Appointments to Public Offices
Article 2C. Limit on Number of State Employees
Article 2D. North Carolina Board for Need-Based Student Loans
Article 3. Purchases and Contracts
Article 3A. Surplus Property
Article 3B. Conservation of Energy, Water, and Other Utilities in Government Facilities
Article 3C. Contracts to Obtain Consultant Services
Article 3D. Procurement of Architectural, Engineering, and Surveying Services
Article 3E. State/Public School Child Care Contracts
Article 3F. State Privacy Act
Article 3G. Personal Service Contracts
Article 3H. Overpayments of State Funds
Article 4. World War Veterans Loan Administration
Article 5. Check on License Forms, Tags and Certificates Used or Issued
Article 6. Officers of State Institutions
Article 6A. Rules of Conduct; Traffic Laws for Institutions
Article 7A. Damage of Personal Property in State Institutions
Article 8. Public Contracts
Article 8A. Board of State Contract Appeals
Article 8B. State Building Commission
Article 8C. Performance Standards for Sustainable, Energy-Efficient Public Buildings
Article 9. Building Code Council and Building Code
Article 9A. North Carolina Manufactured Housing Board - Manufactured Home Warranties
Article 9B. Uniform Standards Code For Manufactured Homes
Article 9C. North Carolina Code Officials Qualification Board
Article 9D. Enforcement of Building Code Insulation and Energy Utilization Standards
Article 9E. Master Electrical and Natural Gas Meters Prohibited
Article 9F. North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board
Article 9G. Military Lands Protection
Article 10. Various Powers and Regulations
Article 11. Revenue Bonds and Governmental Aid
Article 12. Law-Enforcement Officers' Retirement System
Article 12A. Law-Enforcement Officers', Firemen's, Rescue Squad Workers' and Civil Air Patrol Members' Death Benefits Act
Article 12B. Salary Continuation Plan for Certain State Law-Enforcement Officers
Article 12C. Retirement Benefits for State Law-Enforcement Officers
Article 12D. Separation Allowances for Law-Enforcement Officers
Article 12F. Separate Insurance Benefits Plan for State and Local Governmental Law-Enforcement Officers
Article 12G. Transfers of Assets of Law-Enforcement Officers' Retirement System to Other Retirement Systems
Article 12H. Sheriffs' Supplemental Pension Fund Act of 1985
Article 13. Publications
Article 14. North Carolina Zoological Authority
Article 15. Council of State Governments
Article 16. Spanish-American War Relief Fund
Article 17. State Post-War Reserve Fund
Article 18. Rules and Regulations Filed with Secretary of State
Article 19. Roanoke Island Historical Association
Article 19A. Governor Richard Caswell Memorial Commission
Article 19B. Historic Swansboro Commission
Article 19C. Outdoor Historical Dramas
Article 20. Recreation Commission
Article 21. Water and Air Resources
Article 21A. Oil Pollution and Hazardous Substances Control
Article 21B. Air Pollution Control
Article 21C. Permitting of Wind Energy Facilities
Article 22. State Ports Authority
Article 22A. Agency Review of Engineering Work
Article 23. Armories
Article 23A. Stadium Authority
Article 24. Wildlife Resources Commission
Article 25. National Park, Parkway and Forests Development Commission
Article 25A. Historic Sites Commission; Historic and Archeological Sites
Article 25B. State Nature and Historic Preserve Dedication Act
Article 26. State Education Commission
Article 27. Settlement of Affairs of Certain Inoperative Boards and Agencies
Article 28. Communication Study Commission
Article 29. Commission to Study the Care of the Aged and Handicapped
Article 29A. Governor's Council on Employment of the Handicapped
Article 29B. Governor's Coordinating Council on Aging
Article 29C. Youth Councils Act
Article 29D. Manpower Council
Article 30. Nutbush Conservation Area
Article 31. Tort Claims against State Departments and Agencies
Article 31A. Defense of State Employees, Medical Contractors and Local Sanitarians
Article 31B. Defense of Public School Employees
Article 31C. Service on Certification Entity
Article 31D. State Employee Federal Remedy Restoration Act
Article 32. Payroll Savings Plan for State Employees
Article 33. Judicial Review of Decisions of Certain Administrative Agencies
Article 33A. Rules of Evidence in Administrative Proceedings before State Agencies
Article 33B. Meetings of Governmental Bodies
Article 33C. Meetings of Public Bodies
Article 34. Local Affairs
Article 35. Youth Service Commission
Article 36. Department of Administration
Article 36A. State Employee Suggestion Program (NC-Thinks)
Article 37. Salt Marsh Mosquito Control
Article 37A. Marine Science Council
Article 37B. Marine Resources Center Administrative Board
Article 38. Water Resources
Article 39. U.S.S. North Carolina Battleship Commission
Article 39A. Frying Pan Lightship Marine Museum Commission
Article 40. Advisory Commission for State Museum of Natural History
Article 41. Science and Technology Research Center
Article 42. Board of Science and Technology
Article 43. North Carolina Seashore Commission
Article 44. North Carolina Traffic Safety Authority
Article 45. North Carolina American Revolution Bicentennial Commission
Article 46. Governor's Committee on Law and Order
Article 47. Promotion of Arts
Article 47A. Art Works in State Buildings
Article 48. Executive Mansion
Article 49. North Carolina Human Relations Commission
Article 49A. Equal Employment Practices
Article 50. Commission on the Status of Women
Article 51. Tobacco Museums
Article 51A. Tax Study Commission
Article 51B. North Carolina Federal Tax Reform Allocation Committee
Article 52. Pesticide Board
Article 53. Commission for Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services
Article 54. North Carolina Council on State Goals and Policy Act
Article 55. The Southern Growth Policies Agreement
Article 55A. Balanced Growth Policy Act
Article 55B. North Carolina Commission on Jobs and Economic Growth
Article 56. Emergency Medical Services Act of 1973
Article 57. Crime Study Commission
Article 58. Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies
Article 59. Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Article 60. State and Certain Local Educational Entity Employees, Nonsalaried Public Officials, and Legislators Required to Repay Money Owed to State
Article 61. Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution
Article 62. North Carolina Child Fatality Prevention System
Article 63. State Employees Workplace Requirements Program for Safety and Health
Article 64. Smoking in Public Places
Article 65. Medical Education and Primary Care
Article 66. Health Care Purchasing Alliance Act
Article 67. First Flight Centennial Commission
Article 68. Regulation of Boxing
Article 69. Criminal Justice Information Network Governing Board
Article 70. Adopt-A-Beach Program
Article 71. North Carolina Postal History Commission
Article 72. Commission On Children With Special Health Care Needs
Article 73. Reserved
Article 74. North Carolina Government Competition Act
Article 75. Tobacco Trust Fund
Article 76. North Carolina Geographic Information Coordinating Council
Article 77. Managed Care Patient Assistance Program
Article 78. Commission on State Property
Article 79. Internal Auditing
Article 80. Permit Choice