Article2. Public Hospitals  

Part 1. Municipal Hospitals
§ 131E-5. Title and purpose
§ 131E-6. Definitions
§ 131E-7. General powers
§ 131E-7.1. Public hospitals' managed care development authorized
§ 131E-8. Sale of hospital facilities to nonprofit corporations
§ 131E-8.1. Maintenance of Health Education Facilities
§ 131E-9. Governing authority of hospital facilities
§ 131E-10. Condemnation
§ 131E-11. Federal and State aid
§ 131E-12. Public purposes
§ 131E-13. Lease or sale of hospital facilities to or from for-profit or nonprofit corporations or other business entities by municipalities and hospital authorities
§ 131E-14. Lease or sale of hospital facilities to certain nonprofit corporations
§ 131E-14.1. Branch facilities
§ 131E-14.2. Conflict of interest
Part 2. Hospital Authority
§ 131E-15. Title and purpose
§ 131E-16. Definitions
§ 131E-17. Creation of a hospital authority
§ 131E-18. Commissioners
§ 131E-19. Incorporation of a hospital authority
§ 131E-20. Boundaries of the authority
§ 131E-21. Conflict of interest
§ 131E-22. Removal of commissioners
§ 131E-23. Powers of the authority
§ 131E-24. Eminent domain
§ 131E-25. Zoning and building laws
§ 131E-26. Revenue bonds and notes
§ 131E-27. Contracts with federal government
§ 131E-28. Tax exemptions
§ 131E-29. Audits and recommendations
§ 131E-30. Appropriations
§ 131E-31. Transfers of property by a city or county to a hospital authority
§ 131E-32. Purchase money security interests
§ 131E-33. Part controlling
§ 131E-34. Repealed by Session Laws 2011-326, s. 17, effective June 27, 2011
§§ 131E-35 through 131E-39. Reserved for future codification purposes
Part 3. Hospital District Act
§ 131E-40. Title and purpose
§ 131E-41. Methods of creation of a hospital district
§ 131E-42. Hearing and determination
§ 131E-43. Limitation of actions
§ 131E-44. General powers
§ 131E-45. County taxes
§ 131E-46. Referendum on repeal of tax levy
§ 131E-47. Governing body
Part 4. Limited Liability
§ 131E-47.1. Limited liability