Chapter122A. North Carolina Housing Finance Agency.  

§ 122A-1. Short title
§ 122A-2. Legislative findings and purposes
§ 122A-3. Definitions
§ 122A-4. North Carolina Housing Finance Agency
§ 122A-5. General powers
§ 122A-5.1. Rules and regulations governing Agency activity
§ 122A-5.2. Mortgage insurance authority
§ 122A-5.3. Energy conservation loan authority
§ 122A-5.4. Housing for persons and families of moderate income
§ 122A-5.5. Rehabilitation Loan Authority
§ 122A-5.6. Terms and conditions of loans to and by mortgage lenders
§ 122A-5.7. Homeownership Assistance Fund authorized; authority
§ 122A-5.8. Distressed multi-family residential rental housing provisions
§ 122A-5.9. Formation of subsidiary corporations to own and operate housing projects
§§ 122A-5.10 through 122A-5.12. Repealed by Session Laws 2014-115, s. 55(a), effective January 1, 2015
§ 122A-5.13. Adult Care Home, Group Home, and Nursing Home Fire Protection Fund authorized; authority
§ 122A-5.14. Home Protection Program and Fund
§ 122A-6. Credit of State not pledged
§ 122A-6.1. Credit of State not pledged to satisfy liabilities under energy conservation loan guarantees
§ 122A-7. Repealed by Session Laws 1973, c. 1296, s. 47
§ 122A-8. Bonds and notes
§ 122A-8.1. Repealed by Session Laws 2008-194, s. 1(b), effective August 8, 2008
§ 122A-9. Trust agreement or resolution
§ 122A-10. Validity of any pledge
§ 122A-11. Trust funds
§ 122A-12. Remedies
§ 122A-13. Negotiable instruments
§ 122A-14. Obligations eligible for investment
§ 122A-15. Refunding obligations
§ 122A-16. Oversight by committees of General Assembly; annual reports
§ 122A-17. Officers not liable
§ 122A-18. Authorization to accept appropriated moneys
§ 122A-19. Tax exemption
§ 122A-20. Conflict of interest
§ 122A-21. Additional method
§ 122A-22. Chapter liberally construed
§ 122A-23. Inconsistent laws inapplicable