Chapter116. Higher Education.  

Article 1. The University of North Carolina
Article 1A. Regional Universities
Article 2. Western Carolina University, East Carolina University, Appalachian State University, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Article 3. Community Colleges
Article 4. North Carolina School of the Arts
Article 5. Loan Fund for Prospective College Teachers
Article 5A. Center for Advancement of Teaching
Article 5B. School Administrator Training Programs
Article 5C. North Carolina Principal Fellows Program
Article 6-9. [Repealed]
Article 10. State School for the Blind and the Deaf in Raleigh
Article 11. North Carolina School for the Deaf at Morganton
Article 11A. Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf and North Carolina School for the Deaf at Morganton
Article 12. The Caswell School
Article 13. Colored Orphanage of North Carolina
Article 13A. Negro Training School for Feebleminded Children
Article 14. General Provisions as to Tuition and Fees in Certain State Institutions
Article 15. Educational Advantages for Children of World War Veterans
Article 16. State Board of Higher Education
Article 17. College Revolving Fund
Article 18. Scholarship Loan Fund for Prospective Teachers
Article 18A. Contracts of Minors Borrowing for Higher Education; Scholarship Revocation
Article 19. Revenue Bonds for Student Housing
Article 20. Motor Vehicles of Students
Article 21. Revenue Bonds for Student Housing, Student Activities, Physical Education and Recreation
Article 21A. Higher Educational Facilities Finance Act
Article 21B. The Centennial Campus, the Horace Williams Campus, and the Millenial Campuses Financing Act
Article 22. Visiting Speakers at State-Supported Institutions
Article 23. State Education Assistance
Article 24. Learning Institute of North Carolina
Article 25. Disruption on Campuses of State-Owned Institutions of Higher Education
Article 26. Liability Insurance or Self-Insurance
Article 27. Private Institution Towing Procedures
Article 27A. Disclosure of Student Data and Records by Private Institutions
Article 28. North Carolina-Israel Visiting Scholar Program
Article 29. The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics
Article 30. [Western] North Carolina Arboretum
Article 31. Piedmont Triad Research Institute and Graduate Engineering Program
Article 32. Health Information
Article 33. Airport Authorities
Article 34. Need-Based Scholarships for Students Attending Private Institutions of Higher Education