Chapter106. Agriculture.  

Article 1. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Article 1A. State Farm Operations Commission
Article 1B. State Farm Operations Commission
Article 2. North Carolina Fertilizer Law of 1947
Article 2A. North Carolina Soil Additives Act of 1977
Article 3. Fertilizer Laboratories
Article 4. Insecticides and Fungicides
Article 4A. Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act of 1947
Article 4B. Aircraft Application of Pesticides
Article 4C. Structural Pest Control Act
Article 4D. North Carolina Biological Organism Act
Article 4E. Pest Control Compact
Article 4F. Uniform Boll Weevil Eradication Act
Article 4G. Official Cotton Growers' Organization
Article 4H. Bedding
Article 5. Seed Cotton and Peanuts
Article 5A. Marketing of Farmers Stock Peanuts
Article 6. Cottonseed Meal
Article 7. Pulverized Limestone and Marl
Article 8. Sale, etc., of Agricultural Liming Material, etc
Article 8A. Sale of Agricultural Liming Materials and Landplaster
Article 9. Commercial Feedingstuffs
Article 10. Mixed Feed Oats
Article 11. Stock and Poultry Tonics
Article 12. Food, Drugs and Cosmetics
Article 12A. Wholesale Prescription Drug Distributors
Article 13. Canned Dog Foods
Article 14. State Inspection of Slaughterhouses
Article 14A. Licensing and Regulation of Rendering Plants, Rendering Operations, and Waste Kitchen Grease Collection
Article 15. Inspection of Meat and Meat Products by Counties and Cities
Article 15A. Meat Grading Law
Article 16. Bottling Plants for Soft Drinks
Article 17. Marketing and Branding Farm Products
Article 18. Shipper's Name on Receptacles
Article 19. Trademark for Standardized Farm Products
Article 19A. Records of Sales of Farm Products
Article 19B. Plant Protection and Conservation Act
Article 20. Standard Weight of Flour and Meal
Article 21. Artificially Bleached Flour
Article 21A. Enrichment of Flour, Bread, Cornmeal and Grits
Article 22. Inspection of Bakeries
Article 23. Oleomargarine
Article 24. Excise Tax on Certain Oleomargarines
Article 25. North Carolina Egg Law
Article 25A. North Carolina Egg Law
Article 25B. Egg Promotion Tax
Article 26. Inspection of Ice Cream Plants, Creameries, and Cheese Factories
Article 27. Records of Purchases of Milk Products
Article 28. Records and Reports of Milk Distributors and Processors
Article 28A. Regulation of Milk Brought into North Carolina
Article 28B. Regulation of Production, Distribution, etc., of Milk and Cream
Article 28C. Grade "A" Milk Sanitation
Article 29. Inspection, Grading and Testing Milk and Dairy Products
Article 30. Board of Crop Seed Improvement
Article 31. North Carolina Seed Law
Article 31A. Seed Potato Law
Article 31B. Vegetable Plant Law
Article 31C. North Carolina Commercial Feed Law of 1973
Article 32. Linseed Oil
Article 33. Adulterated Turpentine
Article 34. Animal Diseases
Article 35. Public Livestock Markets
Article 35A. North Carolina Livestock Prompt Pay Law
Article 35B. Livestock Dealer Licensing Act
Article 36. Plant Pests
Article 37. Cotton Grading
Article 38. Marketing Cotton and Other Agricultural Commodities
Article 38A. Cotton Warehouse Act
Article 38B. Cotton Gins, Warehouses, Merchants
Article 39. Leaf Tobacco Warehouses
Article 40. Leaf Tobacco Sales
Article 41. Dealers in Scrap Tobacco
Article 42. Production, Sale, Marketing and Distribution of Tobacco
Article 43. Combines and Power Threshers
Article 44. Unfair Practices by Handlers of Fruits and Vegetables
Article 45. Agricultural Societies and Fairs
Article 46. Erosion Equipment
Article 47. State Marketing Authority
Article 48. Relief of Potato Farmers
Article 49. Poultry; Hatcheries; Chick Dealers
Article 49A. Voluntary Inspection of Poultry
Article 49B. Meat Inspection Requirements; Adulteration and Misbranding
Article 49C. Federal and State Cooperation as to Meat Inspection; Implementation of Inspection
Article 49D. Poultry Products Inspection Act
Article 49E. Disposal of Dead Diseased Poultry at Commercial Farms
Article 49F. Biological Residues in Animals
Article 49G. Production and Sale of Pen-Raised Quail
Article 49H. Production and Sale of Fallow Deer and Red Deer
Article 50. Promotion of Use and Sale of Agricultural Products
Article 50A. Promotion of Agricultural Research and Dissemination of Findings
Article 50B. North Carolina Agricultural Hall of Fame
Article 50C. Promotion of Sale and Use of Tobacco
Article 50D. Tobacco Growers Assessment Act
Article 51. Inspection and Regulation of Sale of Antifreeze Substances and Preparations
Article 51A. North Carolina Antifreeze Law of 1975
Article 52. Agricultural Development
Article 53. Grain Dealers
Article 54. Adulteration of Grains
Article 55. North Carolina Bee and Honey Act of 1977
Article 56. North Carolina Commercial Fertilizer Law
Article 57. Nuisance Liability of Agricultural and Forestry Operations
Article 57A. Civil Liability of Farmers
Article 58. North Carolina Biologics Law of 1981
Article 59. Northeastern North Carolina Farmers Market Commission
Article 60. Southeastern North Carolina Farmers Market Commission
Article 61. Agricultural Development and Preservation of Farmland
Article 62. [Redesignated]
Article 62A. Wine and Grape Growers Council
Article 63. Aquaculture Development Act
Article 64. Genetically Engineered Organisms Act
Article 65. Strawberry Assessment Act
Article 66. Pork Promotion Assessment Act
Article 66A. Transportation of Swine
Article 67. Swine Farms
Article 68. Southern Dairy Compact
Article 68A. North Carolina Dairy Stabilization and Growth Program
Article 69. Horse Industry Promotion Act
Article 70. North Carolina Sustainable Local Food Advisory Council
Article 71. Soil and Water Conservation Commission
Article 72. Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program
Article 73. Community Conservation Assistance Program
Article 74. Acquisition and Control of State Forests and State Recreational Forests
Article 75. Protection and Development of Forests; Fire Control
Article 76. Protection of Forest Against Insect Infestation and Disease
Article 77. Southeastern Interstate Forest Fire Protection Compact
Article 78. Regulation of Open Fires
Article 79. Firefighters on On-Call Status
Article 80. North Carolina Prescribed Burning Act
Article 81. Corporations for Protection and Development of Forests
Article 82. Forestry Services and Advice for Owners and Operators of Forestland
Article 83. Forest Development Act
Article 84. Primary Forest Product Assessment Act